Our Mission at Settle

Settle is a curated collection of places to stay around the world. We aim to serve individuals that are seeking freedom with no limits.

Settle’s mission is to enable and encourage a new way of living. To experience complete freedom combining wellness, work and travel.

Settle is not a Hotel, Settle is not a co-living, Settle is not a coworking, Settle is not an Airbnb.

Settle is a way of life. With all services included, live to the same standards wherever you go.

A word from the founder

In 2019 I decided to become a Digital Nomad. This means that I combined three aspects of my life together :

Wellness, Working, Traveling.

I was able to live this lifestyle largely due to the rapid expansion of services such as Airbnb, Wework, Google Flights, Urban Sports Club.

When Airbnb was first introduced, it disrupted the hospitality industry and sparked a revolution. Traditional hotels were no longer the only option for travelers. This shift also enabled the growth of digital nomads, a new way of living. You can now live wherever you want in the world, work from wherever you want and time everything to your needs.

I started my adventure, hopping from Airbnb to Airbnb, city to city. It was an exciting time to be on the move and explore new places, especially during the Covid pandemic. However, as time passed and the Airbnb model became more popular, it became apparent that there were limits to the model.

High fees, quality concerns, and availability issues meant that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable Airbnb properties for long-term stays. While Airbnb pioneered the alternative lodging space, it is not the answer for remote workers.

What is Settle?

Settle is a collection of apartments, built from the ground up for remote work. Our locations come with high quality living spaces, luminous rooms and dedicated workstations.

At settle, we are here to serve the remote workers, the digital nomad hoping from city to city, the entrepreneur needing a break from his city to work in a new environment.

A Settle stay comes with a gym membership in the best local gyms, so you will never fear missing a workout again.

A stay also includes a coworking membership in the highest quality locations around. Through our partnership with Wework, we facilitate your setup in an exceptionally efficient work environment, fostering optimal productivity.

Settle is here to revolutionise your monthly rent experience, especially for remote workers. We understand that adhering to traditional lease models no longer makes sense in today’s dynamic work landscape. Our goal is to provide freedom and flexibility without compromising productivity. High quality stays, Work productively from anywhere, Get the same level of service everywhere you go.

Work from home, work from any home.
Work from a settle.

Remy Broun, Founder of Settle.

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