The First Boundra

In 2022, I created a concept called Nomad Lifestyle. A place for remote workers to find accommodation made for them. is a curated list of Airbnb listings that include quality workspaces. This allows guests to travel and work without losing productivity. I am now looking to bring this experience to the next level. I want to build an experience for remote workers to live, work and explore the world in the best conditions. In reality, this is not a new concept. Companies like Wander, Sonder, The Blue Ground, Outsite, even the older have been trying to grasp a new market is exploding: The Remote at heart.

Chapter 1: Buying an apartment in Barcelona

I bought this apartment, it is the first Boundra location 💪 Starting a company requires courage, or money, or both. For me buying an apartment in Barcelona was the Big Bang for Boundra. In January 2023, I embarked on an exciting journey to Barcelona, with a simple goal in mind: to find the perfect apartment for my nomadic lifestyle. After a dedicated week of searching, my efforts paid off, and I discovered an incredible 2-bedroom apartment located in the heart of the city’s historic district. This charming space had undergone a complete renovation and was fully equipped for immediate occupancy.

However, the process of acquiring the apartment wasn’t without its challenges. Over the course of a few months, I found myself engaged in numerous interactions with various parties involved, the bank, the real estate agent, and other stakeholders. Despite the occasional back and forth, I remained persistent, navigating through the necessary paperwork and negotiations. Finally, the day arrived when I could proudly sign the ownership documents and officially call the apartment my own. With this significant milestone achieved, my focus now shifts towards “Nomadification” — transforming the space into a suitable environment for a remote lifestyle. The next step in the process involves setting up a productive workspace.

To ensure comfort and productivity, Boundra stays will include essential items such as a high quality coffee machine to fuel your workdays. Additionally, I’ll be on the lookout for standing desks and ergonomic chairs to prioritize well-being while working. The workspace environment will also need high-quality monitors, screens, cables, and other necessary equipment to enhance efficiency. If you are interested in following the adventure, follow my instagram account @nomadremy and go visit Boundra’s website.

Remy Broun, Founder of Boundra.

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